Mint is Thai's hottest, horniest, best hung ladyboy ever!

Whatís your favourite pubic hair style? Over the years Iíve had many, from the Jamaican afro to the French bikini wax to the Brazilian. Now I like to keep it American and have the Hollywood (aka the Yul Brynner). I like to make a fun event out of shaving. I run a warm bubble bath, slip out of my silk robe, undo my bikini top as I dip my toe in the water, and sit on the edge of the tub and peel off my tight bikini knickers before sliding into the soapy water. Once Iíve had a good soak and lathered up my groin itís on with the main event, slowly gliding my razor down around the base of my rock hard shaft and along my tight ass, until everything is smooth as silk.