Mint is Thai's hottest, horniest, best hung ladyboy ever!

Donít you just hate being stood up? Itís not that I spend hours getting ready, putting on my sexy red hot lip gloss and dusting on some naughty rouge blusher and dark eyeliner. Itís not the fact that Iíve rolled on my sexiest, laciest satin stockings, strapped myself into the tightest of tight leather basques, which squeeze my breasts together to make mouth-water cleavage. Itís not even the fact Iíve been bent over on all fours with the door left open, waiting for my date to enter me. What really annoys me is that Iíve stored up my cum for the last 4 days waiting to give the mother of all cum shots and now Iíll have to pleasure myself.. but Iíll let you watch!