Mint is Thai's hottest, horniest, best hung ladyboy ever!

The clothes donít make the lady, but they sure make her feel horny as hell! For all my posh frocks and kinky costumes, I often feel my most sexy and adventurous in a simple see-through top and spot of hosiery. Itís not the fishnet stockings or golden high heels, skimpy white panties, or even my bosom busting wonder bra which make me a lady, Iím naturally very girly, with soft smooth skin all over, Iím very passable, but itís the clothes which express my moods, thatís why Iím always in stockings and lingerie, with my fist gripped around my hung pole, because Iím always in Ďthe moodí, Iím always ready to suck and fuck, and shoot my unless cum fountain!